Our Associated Group of Companies

Imtiaz Manpower Agency, Bahrain

Greetings From Imtiaz Manpower Agency , Bahrain,

We recruit the best candidates for each company's specific needs here in Baharain! As Nepalese workers are welcomed here for their very good works ethics and good relationship with our lacol residents and nationals as well as private and commercial enterprizes.

We are happy to welcome and serve you!

Mohammed Al Aali
managing Director

Imtiaz Manpower Agency

P.O.Box 80295 Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain
Tel.00973-17630301m Fax: 00973-17630501
E-mail: info@imtiazz.com

Real Manpower Service, Bahrain

Greetings From Real manpower Service , Bahrain,

We are happy to work with FIHR Company to recruite the workers for our local residents. We are happy to welcome and serve you!

Gulf International, Government Approved Recruiting License No. RL-1221

Greetings From Gulf International Manpower Company, Bangladesh

Since we joined to this FIHR company, we want to thank to owner of this company for providing us excellent candidates in our company, Bangladesh.

We are happy to welcome and serve you!

Yakthung Company

We are happy to be good co-operative with Friendship International Human Resources Pvt. Ltd.

We are happy for your kind co-operative!

AV Management Service Private limited

Greetings From AV Management Service company

Dear company owner, thank you very much for giving us an opportunity to work being with you. It is my preasure to recommend about FIHR is a good company for genuine recruiters.
thank you.

We are happy to be connected to you!

T.T.Lanka Overseas (PVT) LTD

Happy with FIHR Company

It is happy for getting an opportunity to say my some words for public viewers, from my side i have seen FIHR has good portfolio and i am excided to see good sucess even in future!

OGS Manpower Recruiting Agency Overseas Employment Promoters

Greetings From OGS Manpower Recruting Agency Overseas Company

This is a good and professional Recruitment Agency company of Nepal, it has been providing admirable services in Gulf and European company as well. I hope to see continue good progress of FIHR.